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Total Cost of Printing for the consumer

This demo will allow you to see how a partner might integrate the API in a way that retains the user within the parter website throughout the printer usage profile customisation process. Alternative solutions involve directing the user to the tcprojector website to customise their printer usage profile.

Knowledge accessible to the consumer

Understanding the complexities of Costs of Printing has long since been the luxury of those within the printer industry, some of whom don't even fully grasp all it's fickle natures. Well, using tcprojector API, printer resellers can now provide easy to read infographics that accurately estimate the Cost of Printing for printing devices.

What are infographics?

The infographics are images that graphically depict the costs associated with a printer using the retailer's own realtime prices, the comprehensive tcprojector API database and buyer data if they have used our print usage customiser to feed the complex set of algorithms. These calculations take into account details such as power consumption and the amount of ink the printer is delivered with.

How much does it cost?

We have worked hard to make our pricing models work favourably for small and big eCommerce partners alike.

Daily Subscription: £10.00

First 150,000 pageviews: £0.80/1000 pageviews
150,001 - 350,000 pageviews: £0.40/1000 pageviews
> 350,000 pageviews: £0.10/1000 pageviews

N.B. For a customised quote specific to your needs, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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How will this benefit my eCommerce business?

We understand that businesses want and need to please their customers. We also know that reducing costs long-term is becoming a bigger concern to customers worldwide. It is because of this economic concern that we are supplying businesses the opportunity to inform their customers of the economic factors surrounding buying printers.

Management Study Guide put it excellently in their 'Building Customer Satisfaction, Value and Retention' article:

"In this world of extreme competition, companies with a total focus on customers are going to be the winner." ... "Consumers will take decisions after considering the total cost associated with purchase, perceived and otherwise. If after the purchase the product performs as expected then the customer is considered satisfied." -

The most noticeable difference our infographics will make is in driving your customers toward the more expensive devices which prove over their lifetime to offer better value for money. This provocation can increase customer confidence in the product but also engender loyalty in your value system, which ultimately pushes up profit margins.

We are so confident that our service will add value to your business that we have made the costs associated with the API usage directly related to value. The happier you and your customers are with our service, the more you and they will use it.

If you're not as confident as we are that we can add real value to your existing eCommerce provision, then you're more than welcome to cap your usage until your confidence grows. We have provided the ability to manage your usage with either a daily/hourly capping model or using our intelligent throttling system where you tell us your peak traffic times and we will throttle your usage of the API according to your daily cap and those peak times, reserving usage for later in the day if that is when your traffic tends to peak.

What technical stuff should I know?

When an eCommerce site becomes a tcprojector API partner we provide support to implement our API in your web platform. Essentially your techno-bods will work with our techno-bods to include our easy to use class in your website making the whole process incredibly easy.

Most of what is required to implement the API should be available in the 'Implementation guide'. Warning, if you are not a web developer, you may wish to hand over to someone else at this point.

In order to pull together the required information for the API to run the calculations, we have implemented a handshake structure which is managed by a class written by us on your server. Of course, you're more than welcome to write your own code to manage this process if you want. However we think ours is low resource and efficient. If you find a better way to achieve the same results, please feel free to send it over and we may build it into our core features for you.

The handshake

  • Initial request - send printer(s) to API
  • API returns JSON of consumable names and part numbers
  • Return pricing to API
  • API returns JSON infographic url(s)
  • Build page with tcprojector API infographic(s)

You may think, "Goodness me, that's a lot of activity", but we have found this process takes less than 0.5 seconds on average per page (subject to pricing retrieval at your end). Because this process happens once, whether you are requesting one printer or multiple printers, there is no increase in server load or transfer time and your pages will always load quickly.

Decided you need tcprojector API?
Call 01442 231321 or request a callback
Organise a meeting to discuss options
Integrate the API into your system

How can your eCommerce site become a partner?

If you love the tcprojector total cost infographics and would like to integrate them into your ecommerce site, please visit click the link below.

How can you learn more about Total Cost of Printing?

CharisCo Printer Labs also produces a buzz commentary, TCPglobal, with news, views and reviews about the printer industry, products and minimising costs.

You may not have heard of CharisCo Printer Labs.

Started in 1998 by Peter Maude, CharisCo quickly grew in the printer industry as an independent authority on Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Printing.